Is Street Food Cheap in Singapore?

Singapore is renowned for its diverse and flavourful cuisine, which can be found not only in high-end restaurants but also in its bustling street food scene. Many people are curious about the affordability of this street food, wondering whether it is cheap and accessible to all. In this discussion, we will explore the question of whether street food is truly a cheap option in Singapore, and what factors can affect its affordability.

What is Street Food?

Street food is a type of food that is sold in public places such as markets, streets, and fairs. This type of food is often associated with fast food and is usually prepared and cooked in front of the customer. Street food is an essential part of many cultures globally and is an excellent way to experience local cuisine.

The Popularity of Street Food in Singapore

Singapore is well-known for its diverse and delicious street food. Singaporeans take pride in their street food culture and often refer to it as hawker food. Hawker centers are open-air complexes that house a variety of food stalls selling affordable and delicious food.

The Cost of Street Food in Singapore

Singapore’s hawker centers offer a wide range of dishes at affordable prices. Prices vary depending on the location, type of food, and the hawker center. Generally, street food in Singapore is more affordable than dining in restaurants. One can quickly get a filling meal for less than SGD 5, and some dishes cost as little as SGD 2.50.

Factors Affecting Street Food Prices

Key takeaway: Hawker centers in Singapore offer a variety of [affordable and delicious street food]( Prices may vary based on the location, ingredients, and competition among food stalls. Visitors can eat cheaply by visiting hawker centers, trying local delicacies, avoiding tourist traps, sharing dishes, and following the locals’ lead.


The location of the hawker center or food stall can significantly affect the prices of street food. Hawker centers in tourist areas tend to have higher prices than those in residential areas.

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The cost of ingredients used to prepare street food also affects the prices. Dishes that require more expensive ingredients, such as seafood or imported spices, are usually more expensive.


Competition among food stalls selling the same dish can also affect the prices of street food. Hawker centers with many stalls selling the same dish tend to have lower prices as the vendors compete for customers.

Tips for Eating Cheaply in Singapore

Visit Hawker Centers

Hawker centers are the best places to find affordable and delicious street food in Singapore. They are located in various neighborhoods and offer a wide range of dishes.

Try Local Delicacies

Singapore has many local delicacies that are unique to the country. These dishes are often affordable and offer an excellent way to experience Singaporean cuisine.

Avoid Tourist Traps

Tourist areas in Singapore tend to have higher prices for street food. Avoid these areas and instead look for hawker centers or food stalls in residential areas.

Share Your Dishes

Singaporean food portions are often generous. Consider sharing your dish with a friend or family member to save money.

Eat Like a Local

Observe how locals eat and follow their lead. Singaporeans often have their favorite hawker stalls and dishes, which they recommend to others.

FAQs – Is Street Food Cheap in Singapore?

What is street food in Singapore?

Street food in Singapore refers to the local delicacies that are sold by vendors and hawkers in open-air markets and food centers. It is an essential part of Singapore’s food culture and heritage. Street food is often prepared fresh and on-site and can be enjoyed from simple hawker carts to more modern food centers.

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Is street food cheaper than restaurant food in Singapore?

Generally, street food is cheaper than restaurant food in Singapore. Prices for street food can be as low as SGD 3 for a plate of noodles to SGD 6 for a plate of chicken rice, whereas restaurant meals can cost upwards of SGD 20 per person. The costs of street food in Singapore are often lower than restaurant prices because of its informal setting, and it’s where many locals and tourists alike go to get affordable, authentic local cuisine.

What kinds of popular street food are found in Singapore?

There are several popular street food items in Singapore, including Hainanese chicken rice, laksa (spicy coconut noodle soup), satay (grilled skewers of meat), Hokkien mee (stir-fried noodles with seafood), and char kway teo (stir-fried rice cakes with eggs and seafood). Other local specialties include roti prata (a fried Indian flatbread) and nasi lemak (coconut rice with a variety of side dishes).

Are there any health concerns when eating street food in Singapore?

Street food in Singapore is generally safe to eat, but it’s always a good idea to choose vendors with a lot of customers since they are more likely to have fresh food. Additionally, always check for proper hygiene practices, such as wearing gloves and using clean utensils, before eating. It’s also important to avoid eating raw or undercooked food, especially seafood like prawns and oysters.

Where are the best places to find affordable street food in Singapore?

Some of the best places to find affordable street food in Singapore are hawker centers like the famous Lau Pa Sat, Chinatown Complex, Newton Food Centre, and Tekka Centre. These hawker centers offer a variety of local food options at affordable prices. Additionally, some areas like Tiong Bahru, Katong, and Joo Chiat are known for having a variety of trendy cafes and street food options.

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